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Nuestros Locutores


Gaston Mascareñas

“Puro Vacilón con  Gaston Mascareñas”

Born in Nogales, Mexico, Gaston Mascareñas inherited his passion for radio from his grandfather, who founded the first radio station in the neighboring state of Sonora in 1934.  Despite being totally blind, he has worked in the radio industry for over 15 years, hosting a wide variety of successful shows as well as producing jingles and spots for radio and television.

“Puro Vacilón (The Morning Tease)” is his latest radio adventure, featuring outrageous comical sketches, voice impersonations, news, sports and entertainment updates, horoscopes, and everything you need to start your day with a good laugh.

Mon/Fri 5 to 10 AM, and Sat 6 to 10 AM


Música Programada


“Música Programada”

Con las mejores promociones y regalos poderosos.

Mon/Fri 10AM to 3PM


“Chikirrirris DJ”

(Sponsored by Chikirrirris DJ)

Native of  Cuidad Obregon, Sonora. Born on April 26, 1971.

Hobbies: listen to good music. His favorite pastimes are sports:

Baseball, Soccer, and Volley ball.
With 8 years experience, long-time on-air Personality “Chikirrirris DJ” Plays your favorite up beat songs and corridos.

“Chikirrirris DJ” 3pm - 7pm

Puro Veneno 3pm -4pm

Corridos Poderosos 4pm-6pm

La Hora de Los Claveles  6pm-7pm

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